Safe And Sound? Violence And South African Education

Safe And Sound? Violence And South African Education

Policy Briefs
Published in 2016 by Human Sciences Research Council
Cycles: TIMSS 2011
Keywords: School safety / School type / South African school system

Although concerns about school safety are increasing internationally, violence in schools is considered to be more serious in South Africa than elsewhere.

There is a clear link between the prevalence of school-related violence and high crime levels in communities.

Compared to public schools, independent schools are somewhat safer but even in these schools, one in five learners reported being bullied on a weekly basis.

The socioeconomic status of learners is an indicator for potential exposure to acts of violence, with the chances of being bullied regularly being higher for learners from poor families.

There is a higher frequency of bullying for boys than for girls who attend schools with similar characteristics.

Fee paying and independent schools where both discipline and academic success are emphasised are more academically successful.

Schools where there are fewer discipline or safety problems achieve better results but this relationship is dependent on the size of the school.