TIMSS 2003

TIMSS 2003

Grade 8 and 9

South Africa was one of 50 countries (and education systems) that participated in TIMSS in 2003. Test administration in South Africa was carried out with both grade 8 and grade 9 learners. The HSRC administered mathematics and science instruments in 225 schools to 8 952 grade 8 learners and their mathematics and science teachers. The instruments were also administered to 4 261 grade 9 learners in 238 schools, including their mathematics and science teachers . This was the first time that South Africa participated at the grade 9 level.

For more information on TIMSS 2003 internationally, see here.

TIMSS instruments

Learners completed mathematics and science assessments and answered questionnaires about their background, school experiences, instructional experiences, and attitudes toward learning mathematics and science. School principals and learners’ mathematics and science teachers also completed detailed questionnaires to provide data about school and classroom resources and approaches to education.