Highlights from TIMSS 2011: South Africa

Highlights from TIMSS 2011: South Africa

TIMSS National Reports
Published in 2011 by Human Sciences Research Council
Cycles: TIMSS 2011
Keywords: Languages / Mathematics Achievement in South Africa / School resources / Student Attitudes / Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

TIMSS is an opportunity to assess and benchmark South African mathematics and science performance in an international study. TIMSS is conducted every four years since 1995. In TIMSS 2011, 45 countries
participated at the grade 8/9 level.

It is important to measure learner achievement through national, regional and international measures. These studies provide information about the well being of our educational system; so that we could better manage and improve our systems.

In August 2011, the HSRC administered the TIMSS 2011 mathematics and science instruments in 285 schools to 11969 grade 9 learners.

We had conducted previous TIMSS in 1995, 1999 and 2002 and have comparable data to monitor system‐level trends in a global context.