TIMSS South Africa 2015 (Grade 5) Fast Facts

2015 Grade 5 sample

297 schools

10 932 learners 

No-fee schoolsFee-paying schoolsIndependent schools
Learner achievement
Average mathematics score (SE)344 (3.4) 445 (7.7) 506 (11.9)
% of learners achieving at or above 4002567 84
Average age of learners (years)11.5 11.411.3
Home resources   
% of learners with basic home resources:   
Running tap water597683
Water-flush toilets 418789
% of learners with pedagogical resources:   
Computer (own)273956
Internet connection285167
% with more than 25 books at home376284
% of learners with more educated parents:   
Maternal education above Grade 12376284
Parent whose highest occupation is professional113155
% of learners who always or almost always spoke the test
language at home
School physical resources   
% of learners not affected by resource shortage3635
% of learners with access to a workbook (own or shared)959687
% of schools with no computers682836
% learners in schools which provide free lunch895620
% learners in schools which have a place to do schoolwork
before or after school
% learners in schools which have a library258081
School environment and climate   
Educators arriving late not a problem515270
Educator absenteeism not a problem384371
Learners arriving late not a problem242956
Learner absenteeism not a problem172657
% learners attending schools that placed high/very high
emphasis on academic success